At In-House Production (IHP), we handle all our payroll operations internally, not through outsourcing. Using our "STARS" Labor-Management Program, we efficiently process all our payroll data, ensuring timely and accurate handling of both union and non-union payroll. Our system allows us to quickly prepare payroll, with sheets processed by Tuesday and paychecks ready for distribution by Friday.

We also offer the convenience of direct bank deposits for employees, with the option to have their pay stubs mailed or emailed to them, ensuring a seamless, secure, and cost-effective payroll experience.

Utilizing "STARS" streamlines our payroll process, providing confidential and efficient services tailored to the unique requirements of our events and workforce. As a contracted payroller with IATSE Local 720, IHP not only supplies skilled union labor but also adeptly manages all union-related payroll intricacies.

This comprehensive approach to payroll management underlines our commitment to security, cost-efficiency, and convenience in meeting all payroll needs.

Complete Payroll Processing and Reporting