Crew Payroll

Free yourself from the time-consuming tasks of payroll administration duties. With our Labor-Management Program "STARS", We are able to provide your event with accurate, confidential, and cost-effective timekeeping and payroll service to meet those unique needs. 

The Union classifieds IHP as a payroller.  That is a payroller.  It is an organization that has signed a contract with IATSE Local 720 to supply stagehand labor. If your company has no affiliation with unions or the union benefit funds and ERISA rules, call In-House Production. If you have an install and want to use talented union labor, we can assist with this. We will provide you with union labor, and deal with all the unions red-tape for you

Outsourcing your payroll and labor needs to In-House Production is quick, secure, and easy. You simply submit your payroll data by phone, fax or electronically by using our Labor-Management Program "STARS". We process union or non-union payroll. With a 48-hour turnaround policy, we can have edits back in your hands for authorization before cutting checks. We can then distribute or send the payroll checks to you or employees. Alternatively, we can automatically deposit employees’ pay directly into their bank accounts, and have their check stubs mailed or emailed to them. It’s safe, cost-effective, and convenient.

Complete Payroll Processing and Reporting

Risk Management and Workers' Insurance

Let one of our In-House Production Specialists give you an estimate on your payroll needs by calling (888) 631-4748 or (702) 631-4748 in Las Vegas, or email us at