In-House Production (IHP) stands as the premier choice in Las Vegas and its neighboring regions for skilled and qualified stage technicians. Our extensive experience spans across various aspects of production, including design, layout, set construction, prop mastery, event installation, crew assembly, rigging, and staging. Equipped with the necessary tools, state-of-the-art equipment, and a pool of talented labor, we are adept at handling projects of all scales – from small teams of 2 to 10 individuals to large-scale crew calls involving 500 personnel in multiple locations.

Our expertise is not just limited to the breadth of our services but also in our flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of each project. Whether it involves temporary installations or long-running production setups, IHP is committed to working within the client's budget and timeline, ensuring a seamless and successful execution of your project requirements.

IHP collaborates closely with the Stagehands Union (IATSE), ensuring that your special event, industrial trade show, corporate event, concert, film, television, or stage production is supported by the most suitable backstage talent. By synergizing our staff with yours, we effectively manage the labor for your event and provide comprehensive payroll services for all union stagehands.

Holding the union contract ourselves, IHP relieves you, our client, from navigating the complexities of Union bureaucracy and contractual obligations. This approach effectively transfers the Union liabilities and potential hassles away from you, streamlining your production process. Additionally, our work extends beyond just stagehands. We collaborate with various other trades, equipping us with the versatility to handle unique, "out-of-the-norm" installations. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your event's production is executed flawlessly, with minimal stress on your part.

Incorporating IHP’s Labor Coordinator into your project can significantly streamline the process of organizing and managing labor needs. They specialize in creating and submitting detailed labor requests and reports, tailored specifically to your requirements as the client. This includes precise management of crew numbers, tracking hours worked, and adhering to budget constraints. The presence of our Labor Coordinator ensures a more efficient, accurate, and budget-conscious approach to handling the staffing aspects of your project.

IHP leverages the advanced Labor-Management Program "STARS" to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of labor planning and management. This program is designed to streamline various aspects of labor coordination, making it an invaluable tool for any project:

Labor Planning: "STARS" simplifies job tracking and dispatching labor, offering customizable forms and reports, as well as SMS-Text communication for quick dispatch. Time Tracking: The program allows for customizable overtime calculations and can track work hours based on workweek or consecutive days. Reporting: It automatically generates data and visualizations, allowing for the creation of custom reports with ease. Dispatch: "STARS" facilitates seamless communication with staff through its app, keeping crews well-informed and coordinated. Scanning-in/out: The system is supported by AWS Cloud Service for accurate and secure time tracking. Real-Time Monitoring: With "STARS", you, the client, can view crew daily totals for each job or location in real-time. This feature also enables you to reference past labor data for informed decision-making. Discover more about "STARS" at starslabor.com and explore how this Labor-Management Program, powered by SYNCHRONUS, can bring business efficiency to your project.

For any queries or further information you might need, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can email In-House Production (IHP) at info@ihplabor.com, or for a more direct conversation, call us at (702) 631-4748. Our trained staff members are ready to provide expert advice on crew labor, payroll requirements, rigging, and staging rental gear. We are also specialists in custom building and managing projects.

Remember, In-House Production (IHP) is your GO-TO-COMPANY for all your production needs.