Custom Built Parts

In our shop, we are able to design, lay out and build custom or special rigging and staging parts. We have the space to erect and test, before taking the pieces to the job-site for final installation. Working with certified welders and structural engineers, we are able to help you design and make your vision a reality!

Custom Fabrication

Our Shop can provide you with anything you need for your Project.

Base (Ballast) Weights have a number of uses.

Ballast weight has a number of uses. 1,250 to 2,700 pounds of burning love.

Sands Expo and Convention Center calls on In-House Production Imagineers

Fostex Horn Super Tweeter Bracket

If we don't have it is stock. We sit down with the Design Team to create it.

This is everything we build for events or for our rental gear. If we can use it, we build it.