About IHP's Services.

In-House Production (IHP) is the leading premier labor provider for skilled, qualified, and experienced stage technicians in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Our expertise in crew management, design, layout, set construction, event installation, rigging equipment, and staging rental gear enables us to handle projects of any size. We have the necessary tools, equipment, and talent to complete any size project you may have. Our adaptability to handle both short-term and long-term installations and event production allows us to collaborate closely with your staff to meet your budgets and timeline requirements. 

By partnering with IHP, you will gain access to our wealth of expertise and resources, ensuring a successful collaboration and enhanced outcomes for your events.

Services and Support:
•    Union Labor Staffing: IHP works closely with the Stagehands Union (IATSE) to ensure that all special events, trade shows, corporate events, concerts, film, television, and stage productions have the right backstage talent. Our staff will manage your event labor and provide payroll services to all IHP union stagehands, freeing you from dealing with the Union's bureaucracy and all the Union benefit funds.
•    Comprehensive Labor Solutions: We offer a wide range of skilled positions, such as stage carpenters, stage electricians, audio technicians, riggers, flymen, automation technicians, wardrobe technicians, production assistants, audio-visual technicians, camera operators, projection operators, and much more. All of our labor is qualified, trained, and certified for the positions they perform.
•    Labor Coordination and Management: IHP's Labor Coordinator will work with you and your staff to create and submit detailed labor requests and reports based on your requirements for crew numbers, hours worked, and budgeting. Our Labor-Management Program "STARS" simplifies labor planning, time tracking, reporting, dispatch, and employee scanning-in/out processes, offering real-time crew daily totals for each job and/or location. "STARS" also enables you to review past jobs and the labor utilized for reference. Visit starslabor.com to explore the features of "STARS" Labor-Management for Business Efficiency (powered by SYNCHRONUS).
•    Custom Rigging and Staging Rental: We specialize in custom fabrication for your custom projects. Contact one of our trained staff members for advice on crew labor, payroll requirements, fabrication, rigging, and staging rental gear.
•    Crew Payroll Services: IHP provides comprehensive payroll and reporting services for both Union and non-union employees that are employed by IHP. By managing payroll in-house instead of outsourcing, we ensure accurate, confidential, and cost-effective payroll management. Our services cover all aspects of payroll administration, including tax deductions, remittances, W-2 form preparation, and more.
•    Risk Management and Workers' Insurance: We manage all aspects of workers' insurance, ensuring compliance with workers' compensation laws, handling claims, and providing coverage for employees under our Workers' Compensation and General Liability Insurance policies when required. Safety is HIGH on our priorities.

•    IHP's experienced leadership will prioritize the many needs required in handling its union labor needs with support staffing and payroll service.
•    Union Labor Expertise: By working with IHP, you can utilize the skills and expertise of union labor without dealing with the bureaucracy or signing Union contracts. IHP becomes the Union's go-to company when benefit funds perform audits, not your company.  
•    Transparent and Competitive Pricing: At IHP, we recognize the significance of cost and provide transparent, competitive pricing for our services. We negotiate a union contract tailored to IHP's needs, which is essential for our daily operations. This vested interest in the contract allows us to offer you more advantageous terms and benefits.
•    Payroll and Insurance Services: By managing payroll and workers' insurance, we free you and your team from time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your event.
•    Custom Rigging and Staging Solutions: Our ability to provide custom rigging and staging solutions ensures a visually engaging and memorable event.

"STARS" Labor Management and Time Tracking Software is a comprehensive, web-based platform designed to streamline event labor management. The software centralizes all information and enables real-time collaboration between your company and IHP. Key features include labor planning, time tracking, mobile app for easy check-in and checkout, real-time job monitoring through LP View, and data exporting to various programs. "STARS" is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring a reliable and secure cloud-based infrastructure.

Employers benefit from reduced management time and effort and increased productivity through "STARS" software, efficient, user-friendly tools. Employees can quickly sign in and out using the app on iOS and Android devices and stay informed about their upcoming scheduled jobs. The software ensures compliance with local laws, standards, and OSHA regulations, making it a reliable solution for managing labor in the event and convention industry. "STARS" can be customized to fit all your labor needs.

"STARS" has been used nationally in the following: Superbowl, Pro Bowl, NFL Draft, EDC, Ultra 2023, C3 Events and Festivals, Coachella, and many more venues and events across the country.

Conclusion: In-House Production is committed to delivering high-quality labor and support services to ensure you execute successful events. Our range of services, experienced team, and ability to work with your staff and provide union labor makes us the perfect partner for your labor management needs. 

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company.

Feel free to email us at info@ihplabor.com or call (702) 631-4748 to discuss your labor requirements, rigging and staging rental gear needs, or IHP's services.