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Truss Base Racks

Truss Base Racks with Pallet JackSizes Available

  • 42" X 42" for the Steel Base Plate
  • 36" X 36" for the Steel Base Plate
  • 30" X 30" for the Aluminum Base Plate
  • 24" X 24" for the Steel Base Plate

These racks can be easily moved with a Pallet Jack, Forklift, or with custom made wheels. Each rack holds 10 Base Plates. Racks can be stacked 3 high making storing easy.












Call Jeff Morgan at (702) 631-4748 or Toll Free at (888) 631-4748 for sales, rental, pricing and deliveries. Jeff can also be contacted via E-mail at jeff@ihplabor.com


Steel Enclosed Concrete Base Weights

Our Base Plate Weights can be used with any truss.

Single Base Weight with Leveling Jack, 2 Base Weights Bolted together with Forged Street Plate Lifting Ring.

With these base weights, we are able to stack, level, and/or stake them to the ground.

Our Base Weights are now spigot truss friendly. This adapter plate can be used with any of our base plates. The plate is bolted to the bases with truss bolts making this plate easy to install and remove.

Truss Sleeve Blocks

We now carry sleeve blocks for 12" truss and 20" truss. These blocks slide up and down the truss making lifting rigs easier then before. All four sides have truss bolt patterens to allow us to bolt truss on any sides we please.








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